Links...both Film & TV and Book related.


The INTERNET MOVIE DATABASE - huge film information resource
 ALLMOVIE.COM - another large film reference site
 ROTTEN TOMATOES - a great film buffs site
 SCI-FI Movie Page = an in depth "genre" site


IRWIN ALLEN -  - site dedicated to Lost In Space, Time Tunnel, Land of the Giants and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea etc.
HEMLOCK BOOKS = A great site for difficult to get genre related U.S. magazines such as "Little Shoppe of Horrors", "Monsters From the Vault" and "Scarlet" - plus many U.S. imported film star Biographies and Horror film reference books, including "Hammer Films".  Also they are the Official Distributors of "Midnight Marquee" titles in the U.K.  


TOMAHAWK PRESS = This independent publisher produces many and varied titles relating to the Entertainment industry, from Biographies of Will Hay and Charles Hawtrey to studies on Hammer Films.  All are published to a high quality.  Well worth checking out!


FAB PRESS - publishes many genre related books.


CREEPY IMAGES - This very glossy digest sized magazine reproduces amazing publicity material (posters, lobby cards etc.) from overseas (European, Far East etc.) distributors that would be very difficult to see elsewhere.  Printed in Germany but text is in English. 


DVD COLLECTOR'S!! This excellent piece of Freeware will enable you to keep track of your collection.  Just type in the title and it checks IMDB and then downloads the details (Director, cast, running time etc.) straight into your own database.   Check here for download, screenshots and FAQ's.  EMDB



CLASSIC MONSTERS from the MOVIES Very high quality publications covering...the Classic Monsters!


STARBURST - The World's Longest Running Magazine of Sci-Fi, Horror and Fantasy.




THE DARK SIDE - long running U.K. magazine covering Horror, SF & Fantasy films.



Also from DARKSIDE is their companion magazine "INFINITY" - covering SF and Fantasy films in a "retro" fashion...same high quality as Darkside.



PERVERIL PUBLISHING - This small publishing house produces exquisite genre Film Reference books, highest quality illustrations and very readable text.



This superbly written tome covers U.K. "genre" TV, Films, comics, board games and just about everything else (!) from the 1970's - a truly fascinating in-depth guide to the decade.

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